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Finetix Fitness Center "Anit-Franchise"

Franchise a Finetix 24-Hour Fitness Center Today!

Two 24-hour fitness models to meet any entrepreneur's goals. Low start up cost & High income potential.

Finetix Fitness is proud to announce that we are now "franchising" or in our words "anti-franchising" our 24-hour fitness center. If you have ever thought about opening a gym, fitness center or studio and have looked into franchising and the exorbitant cost associated with it and may have become discouraged you've come to the right place.

Where as most facliities required a franchise deposit of tens of thousands, a monthly royalty anywhere from 5 - 10% and you to agree to more red tape than you know what to do with - "Anti-Franchising" a Finetix Fitness facility does not require any of that! We've truly developed a turn-key system that can accommodate almost any budget and have you turning your dreams of one day owning your own business into a money making reality in no time.

What you get with a Finetix "Anti-Franchise"
“We are a company that doesn't emphasize dollars but people, that doesn't sell products but better health. We are Finetix and together... WE LIVE FITNESS!”

Through sign language (initially Signed Exact English, then American Sign Language) and reading, I had access to visual languages. By six years old, I was perfectly on par with my hearing peers in terms of language development, albeit visually, not auditory. My brain was functioning quite well; my ears weren't.

  • One annual license fee.

  • No monthly royalty payments.

  • Social Media developed for you.

  • SEO and SEM systems develoed for you.

  • Access to our team of professionals along the way.

  • And much more!

We offer two business models to fulfill your entrepreneurial dreams

Model 1: 24-Hour Personal Training Studio: 1,000 - 3,000 sq/ft is optimal
Interested in starting a personal training studio to train your clients and build your clientele without the hassle of having to be at the facility 80 hours a week? If this sounds like you, our Personal Training Studio model is for you.

Starting with a minimal of 1,000 sq/ft, we have devised a business structure that provides you with enough space to work with your clients in a private high end setting one on one or in a small group setting without having to worry about a large overhead. You'll be able to maximize profitability by provided semi-private personal training to multiple clients at once, maximizing your profitability; while streamlining your business processes.

Model 2: 24-Hour Private Fitness Center with Group Exercise Classes: 2,500 - 10,000 sq/ft is optimal
Interested in starting a fitness center that offers multiple services including group exercise and houses a predetermined amount of members that have 24-hour access to your facility? If so, inquire about our Private Fitness Center option.

Utlitizing a minimal of 2,500 sq/ft, our proprietary business and marketing strategies can have you maximizing profitability in a private and high end setting giving your members the feel of a bigger gym while you enjoy the benefits of having a much lower over head. Our flagship facility utilizes this business structure and the reason for that is our members leave the big, corporate facilities to come to our smaller, high end facility.

The combination of a 24-hour membership, personal and semi-private training along with group exercise makes this business model a more "boutique style" facility compared to the corporate giants but more and more health seekers prefer this model due to is privacy and ease of use.

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