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Finetix Fitness Education

Finally A Certification With Real World Application

Bringing Fitness Education and Publication to the 21st Century.

Finetix Fitness Education will be changing the way health and fitness professional get certified and interact with their clients. Bringing real world application and the "human" element into the classroom; up and coming professionals will be able to take coursed with other professional in a professor driven class where you have to pass an academic and real-world client evaluation to become certified. This will be the first time that you will be evaluated by not only your professor but also the client that you are assigned during your studies.

Upcoming Certifications

  • Sport Nutrition

  • Online Personal Training

  • Coaching Ethics, Morals and Compliance

  • Performance Enhancement Through Periodization

  • Competition Preparation (bodybuilding, bikini, physique)

“There are many certifications out there and as a fitness professional it becomes daunting at times trying to figure out what is going to best equip you with the tools needed to continue advancing in your career. The number one problem that I experienced was that any certification I took was simply "information rejurgitation”. You get a book, you take a test and you get certified - sometimes in as little as a weekend and to me no weekend course could ever properly train any one person to the point of truly being called a professional.

Because of this, more often than not, certified fitness professionals are not properly equipped to take on the real-world scenarios that are going to be thrown at them. Thus, I created Finetix Fitness Education to bridge the gap in our industry by having professor driven courses with real world application. We are the first international certification that is not only professor driven but also mandates that each certifying professional passes a capstone project to become certified. With this we can truly increase the expertise of the professionals coming out into the field." - Ron Anderson - Founder of the Finetix Brand

Being that there are strict requirements in the health and fitness industry we will be applying for NCCA Accreditation late 2018 - early 2019. What this means is that any Finetix Fitness Certification that you take will have the same accreditation as the other top certification in the industry (ACE, NASM, ACSM and so on).

If you are thinking of breaking into the health and fitness industry, continuing your education or getting more real world experience give Finetix Fitness Education a try! You can rest assured that you will have the leave our certification programs with the knowledge and understanding needed to shine above your competition and provide your clients with a more robust training experience.

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