Trainer: For Competitors

Finetix Fitness Trainer for Competitors

Becoming Stage Ready Has Never Been So Convenient

Work With Your Coach Anytime, Anywhere

Never has it been easier to communicate with your coach without the dreaded back and forth emails or the missed phone calls. With the Finetix Fitness Trainer, you can talk directly to your coach live; while they answer any questions you may have regardless of where you or they are.

Track Your Progress With Your Coach and Make Changes In a Snap

Want to keep track of the GAINZ you've made along with your prep coach? Now you can, simply! Both you and your coach have access to an extensive database of weights, exercises, fitness test, PRs and so much more - all at the click of a button.

Get Your Meal Plan Directly On Your Phone, Tablet or Computer

Have you ever gotten a meal plan from a coach and thought... "What am I suppose to do with this"? Well not anymore! The Finetix Fitness Trainer has an extensive nutrition library in which your prep coach and build your nutrition plan right into your app. All you have to do is check that you ate it or add anything else that you are/consumed and the app will track exactly where you are versus where you should be. 100% accountability at its best.

“Using the Finetix Fitness Trainer to work with my prep coach has made it SO MUCH EASIER for me to stay on track. No more emails, I have to filter through to find out what my workouts are or how I should be eating. This app does it all! - Jason Garett, Body Builder”

Progress Pictures in a Snap

Making it even easier to keep track of your progress, while being able to send your coach the progress pictures they require, with the Finetix Fitness Trainer you can simply add an image to the "progress picture" section of your profile and know that only you and your coach and view them.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Looking for a way to stay ahead of your competition? It will be hard to find another competitor that uses the Finetix Fitness Trainer or one that is being trained by our seasoned coaches. Why? Because we are a hidden gem. But this won't last long. Get in early; while there are only a few hundred people on the app and you will see why our coaches and clients swear by it.

Need A Coach? Find One Here!

It does not matter if you are a seasoned veteran, a pro or new to the competitive world - having a good coach is imperative to your progress and inevitble success on stage. If you have a coach of your own and you want to try out our program your coach can use the Finetix Fitness Trainer to work with you. If you don't have a coach but would like one, we have a network of some of the best coaches in the industry at your disposal. Simple click on "Choose a Coach" in the trainer tab.

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