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Fitness & Nutrition Anytime, Anywhere

Finetix Fitness Trainer is the most comprehensive training, nutrition and competition program around! Workout alone or with friends anywhere in the world, work with a trainer, nutritionist or prep coach or simply enjoy the extensive nutrition library and meal planning function (And that's just the tip of the iceberg). Compatible with with your phone (Android and Apple), tablet and computer.

"A training experience like no other. I can coach, train, send nutrition plans, get client updates and so much more from wherever I am. This is a game changer. - Charlie Wenton CSCS

Just A Few of The Many Features

Workout Library
Meal Planning
Real Challenges
Detailed Metrics

Finetix Fitness Trainer: Q&A

Is there a month to month subscription?

  • Yes, Finetix Fitness Trainer is a month to month subscription. Once you sign up your price is locked in and will never go up!

Can I make my own workouts?

  • Yes and we will continue to add new workouts daily. You have a library of thousands of visual/video exercises that you can compile into your own workouts for yourself, your friends or in the case of a coach your clients.

Can I get a FREE trial?

  • Yes! Everyone that signs up gets the 3-Day Free Trial. If you'd do not want to be charged, make sure you cancel your subscription prior the the 3 days being up. If you love the program (which we know you will) just keep using it and you will be charge the monthly fee associated with whatever package you chose.

Are your coaches, nutritionist and trainers licenses/certified?

  • Yes, our team of experts are all certified, licenses and/or registered in their repsective states for their skillset. Finetix only works with the most highly qualified individuals to bring you the highest possible quality of service.

Does this program sync with my FitBit?

  • Yes it will! If you have a FitBit you only have to sync it to your Finetix Trainer once. After that it will automatically sync your steps and give you credit for them. That easy!

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